Temperature/ISTMT Test

Roadway Luminaire in thermal chamber
Indoor Luminaire

Flood Light Luminaire Roadway Architectural Luminaire


The operational temperature ranges for the environmental thermal chambers are -70C to 200C. Spectralux laboratory has adopted IESNA LM-82-12 method of installing the unit under test in an environmental chamber.


The temperature monitoring points on the LED board (Tb) and on the case of the electronic driver (Td) are identified by the requestor. The unit under test (UUT) was evaluated via an automated heat and electrical data acquisition system fully automated.


During the test, thermocouple junction and the adjacent thermocouple conductor were held in good thermal contact with the surface of the material where a temperature is being measured. Good electrical contacts have been used to ensure the control of electrical parameters.


We can test four you in the sphere:
LED lamps & luminaires with commercial driver or Direct DC
Linear Fluorescent lamps with commercial or reference ballast
Compact Fluorescent lamps with integrated commercial ballast
HID lamps with commercial or reference ballast
Filament lamps in AC or DC
Induction lamps with commercial ballast

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