New classification of luminaire



5 September 2007

Dear customer,

The following notice is to remind you that IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) has approved on 28 January 2007 a new classification system for the light distribution of outdoor luminaires.

The new Technical Memorandum bares the name TM-15-07 “Luminaire Classification System for Outdoor Luminaires”. According to this new classification system, the words “Full Cutoff, Cutoff, Semicutoff and Noncutoff” are not used anymore and are replaced by percentages of lamp lumens in different zones. The words ‘’Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV et Type V’’ and ‘’Short, Medium, Long’’ are still used to qualify the transversal and longitudinal distributions respectively. You can order the new Technical Memorandum from IESNA if you want additional informations regarding this new classification system.

IESNA understands that it takes some time to adopt a new system and make all the necessary changes. Nevertheless, IESNA still wishes that manufacturers and all concerned organizations adopt the new classification system as soon as possible and publish their photometric reports according to this new classification system.

According to our quality management system, we must comply with all IESNA official publication. Consequently, all photometric reports published from this day on will be in accordance with this new classification system.

The request form for photometric test available on our website has been modified to let you choose this new classification system. If you do not indicate your preference when you order a photometric test, the new classification system will be the default choice.

There will be additional costs for photometric reports issued with the old classification system and for old reports issued with the new system. Additional costs will also be invoiced for customer who request photometric report with both classification systems

Floodlights, traffic lights and indoor lighting luminaires are not part of this new classification system.

Chrisnel Blot

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