Return of goods used for testing



June 4, 2007

Dear customer,

The following notice is to inform you of a new policy that will take effect on June 11, 2007 regarding the return of goods.

All goods that have not been used for two weeks after the last test run by Spectralux will be returned to you if you have not picked them up during this period.

Before shipping, we will send to you a notice describing the goods and mentioning the exact date of their shipping. If you do not answer back to this shipment notice within two working days we will proceed with the shipping of the goods by means of your designated carrier.

To this effect, please forward to us the name of a designated carrier and your account number for this carrier. If you have no goods that need to be picked up at our facilities, we will use the information on your designated carrier for the next occasions.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Chrisnel Blot

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