On 16 December 2010, Spectralux Laboratory was the the first to be recognized by the EPA to test Solid State Lighting Luminaires for the ENERGY STAR (ID: 1105820 ) Program and submit associated test reports to an EPA-recognized Certification Body

 Today, Spectralux laboratory is recognized by the EPA for ENERGY STAR for:

-Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

-Integral LED Lamps (Directional/Non-Directional)

-Integral LED Lamps (Decorative Only)
-Fluorescent Directional
-Fluorescent Non-Directional

-High Intensity Discharge (HID) Directional

-High Intensity Discharge (HID) Non-Directional 

-Solid State Directional 
-Solid State Non-Directional

-LED Light Engines

-GU24 based integrated LED lamps

-Halogen Directional

-Halogen Non-Directional

-Fluorescent Ballasts

-Fluorescent Lamps

-HID Ballasts

-HID Lamps


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